Experts in interior drainage

To help prevent a wet basement and avoid a pesky water problem, contact LaKari Waterproofing. Serving residential clients throughout Erie, PA and the surrounding area, our consultants will evaluate your home and may recommend installing one of our proven pressure relief sub-floor drainage systems to handle your basement water issues.

Our proven pressure relief sub-floor drainage systems

  • In the typical installation, we would start by breaking up the floor 12-16 inches away from the wall. This is twice as much of the floor as some of our competitors remove. We believe that sometimes, more is just better. We then dig a trench next to the footer, sloping to the sump pump or point of termination as determined by our knowledgeable and friendly team. When you choose LaKari Waterproofing, our French drain contractor will provide you with a detailed job plan that will help explain our process.

  • Once we make sure we have the correct amount of slope, we will install our perforated PVC pipe in the trench. Next, weep holes will be drilled into each cavity of the block to ensure that no water is left in the block walls. Once the weep holes are drilled, we will install one of our drainage diverters to aid in drainage and keep the weep holes from getting clogged up.

  • The pipe will then be covered with plenty of washed gravel and the floor will be re-cemented smooth to match the existing floor. Once completed, interior drainage systems can provide effective basement waterproofing measures by helping prevent water from entering your home and building up.


Proudly serving the Erie, PA area since 1994, we have seen all sorts of issues, which allowed us to build on our skills with each experience. Whether the problem is major or minor, you can rely on LaKari Waterproofing for an honest, affordable solution.