• Have standing or pooling water in the basement?

  • Smell damp or musty?

  • Have soil erosion or soggy ground around the exterior?

Let our experts provide the solution to your exterior drainage problem

At LaKari Waterproofing, our French drain contractor has the skills you need to resolve and prevent future drainage problems. We proudly provide a variety of exterior drainage options to help you successfully manage surface water build up. We can also provide professional mold removal services should clean up and restoration be necessary.

Avoid costly foundation repair

Having the proper exterior drainage in place can help you reduce the risk of damage resulting from flooding and mold growth, as well as avoid the need for costly foundation repair. Whether you are looking to install new drains, pipes, or make repairs to an existing exterior drainage system, LaKari Waterproofing is here for you.

French drain installation services

No matter what the cause of your exterior drainage problems, at LaKari Waterproofing, we can install interior or exterior drains to help with your water problems. As part of our exterior basement waterproofing services, we can also install exterior French drains to help dry up your yard and keep water away from your foundation. Once we evaluate your property in Erie, PA, we’ll also determine whether or not you need to re-route your downspouts or sump pump discharge to direct the water away from your home or business.
Learn more about the services our experienced French drain contractor has to offer. Providing exterior drainage solutions for homeowners and commercial clients throughout the Erie, PA area.


Proudly serving the Erie, PA area since 1994, we have seen all sorts of issues, which allowed us to build on our skills with each experience. Whether the problem is major or minor, you can rely on LaKari Waterproofing for an honest, affordable solution.