• Important to check routinely no matter the age of your home

  • It may be prone to excess water leaks due to improper drainage

  • Water and run off can cause rot, mold growth, and structural damage

Let our experts provide the solution

Serving homeowners throughout Erie, PA, and the nearby communities, at LaKari Waterproofing, we pride ourselves on providing reliable crawlspace repair, waterproofing, and mold removal services to ensure that your crawlspace is safe, dry, and structurally sound.

Our team of experts will inspect your crawlspace

While many crawlspaces areas are damp, our professional crews will work hard to find the right moisture control solutions to eliminate mold growth and help you avoid water buildup that could cause structural damage and other problems in your home. If you are living with a wet, damp and musty crawlspace, call the professionals at LaKari Waterproofing today for an inspection. We’ll work hard to provide targeted mold removal and crawlspace repair services to leave you with a clean, dry space that is free of mold so that you can enjoy peace of mind in addition to extra storage space.


Proudly serving the Erie, PA area since 1994, we have seen all sorts of issues, which allowed us to build on our skills with each experience. Whether the problem is major or minor, you can rely on LaKari Waterproofing for an honest, affordable solution.