• Experience frequent leaks?

  • Get wet often?

Let our experts provide the solution for your wet basement

Our professional waterproofing experts have the skills and the equipment necessary to both remove excess moisture and prevent water from penetrating and pooling in your building’s basement. As part of our basement waterproofing services, we offer sump pump installation, basement moisture control solutions, and will also ensure that your home has proper interior and exterior drainage.If you find yourself in need of reliable basement waterproofing services in the Erie, PA area, make the call to LaKari Waterproofing.

Avoid mold and foundation damage

Whether it is due to leaks, broken pipes, or flooding, excessive moisture in your basement can lead to the growth of mold or mildew. In the case of serious flooding or lack of drainage, water buildup can even result in damage to your foundation which can comprise the structural integrity of your home.

Let us improve your interior and exterior drainage systems

When you need reliable basement waterproofing, count on LaKari Waterproofing for effective solutions to keep your basement dry. In addition to the initial clean-up and waterproofing process, our service technicians will also inspect your basement to determine if mold removal or foundation repair is necessary. No matter what your individual needs may be, you can rest assured that our team will take the time to make sure your property is fully-protected to help avoid future problems associated with leaks or moisture buildup.


Proudly serving the Erie, PA area since 1994, we have seen all sorts of issues, which allowed us to build on our skills with each experience. Whether the problem is major or minor, you can rely on LaKari Waterproofing for an honest, affordable solution.